Online Trading

We provide an innovative and powerful Internet Trading tool, and this service is offered free of charge to our clients on request. Get timely and comprehensive market information through the internet. Assess your options and seize trading opportunities now. 

If you prefer to manage trades yourself, you may use our online trading platform.

If you already have an CDS account with us or if you are in the process of opening an account with us, you can print the required forms below and submit the duly completed and signed forms

Open an Account

Please pick the relevant category in the downloads section, open and print the required forms. Please follow the checklist for requirements and supporting documents, submit the duly completed and signed forms with supporting documents. Please contact us if you require any clarification. If you would like us to walk you through the account opening process, please share your contact details on reach back form 


Enterprise Ceylon Research Team provides macroeconomic and equity research. We provide timely research reports on listed entities within our coverage and the macro-economy to our clients to aid their investment decision making process.